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The Iconic Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection

This beautiful collection delights the eye with its sensual style and organic aesthetic. We invite you to discover every tantalizing color of the rainbow, as Yvel continues its search for the best and most organic treasures that Mother Nature has to offer.

In early 2009, YVEL discovered a truly unusual treasure on the continent of Africa. The Umba River Valley in Tanzania produces some of the finest and most distinctive Sapphires known to man. These all natural Sapphires come in a rainbow spectrum of flattering colors.

Upon discovering these rare treasures, Yvel was inspired to create the passionate, sensual and truly versatile Rainbow Collection. Handmade and set with 18K gold, diamonds and all-natural cognac diamonds, these gems are precious, exotic and captivating.

Facts About Sapphires

  • Sapphires have been written about for thousands of years. “sauriratna” became the “sapphir” (most beautiful went through Greek and arriving at the modern day “sapphire.”
  • Sapphires are found worldwide, with high-quality gems coming from Myanmar (Burma), Australia and southeast Asia.
  • Sapphires were first found in the United States in 1865. An area around Yogo Gulch, Montana, is known for its naturally blue, high-clarity sapphires that do not require heat treatment.
  • Artificial sapphires can be made so well that an expert is needed to tell natural from synthetic varieties.

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