At a cancer research fundraising event to be held in Caesarea Golf Club, Yvel had was to donate the tournament prize- a 100,000$ worth of diamond!

The tournament included a HOLE IN ONE Challenge with a prize of a rare in a round brilliant shape and cutting style, 2.11 carat weight, F-Internally grade.

This diamond owned by Yvel, cut and polished in the highest level of clarity and color grade in the world (3EX), carries an original GIA certificate by the most reliable gemological institute in the world and considered a rare diamond constituting 1% of all diamonds worldwide.

Luxury jewelry brand Yvel, is committed to Kimberley Amnesty helping to prevent blood diamond commerce, estimates each and every diamond to the highest restrictions and chooses only the best to be set in Yvel creations.

At the recent tournament no golfer has succeed to sweep the desired prize, we believe they are all waiting for the September 2019 tournament to take a second shot!

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