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The masterpiece we speak of today

           did not come as a flash of inspiration but something
           which has sprung as a result of many years of hard
           work and dedication to the trade.

                                                 Sharon Caro, Chief Marketing Officer
                                                 Challenge #3 Telling the right Story

                                                 An artwork of that scale naturally makes headlines worldwide.
                                                 From a PR point of view, the story is huge not only because of the
                                                 uniqueness of the creation but also because it provides people
                                                 with a  sort of escapism in indifficult times. Still, that kind of mass
                                                 exposure can easily backfire. Our PR team had to make sure to
                                                 tell the right story. With a low-key customer who would naturally
                         Sharon Caro, Chief Marketing Officer  motivation of ordering such a valuable item. The challenge was
                                                 stay under the radar, we had to make sure to stress the altruistic

                                                 to communicate the correct message and control it by making
                                                 sure that the story would not turn into a tale of extravagance and
                                                 wealth but rather of solidarity through artwork.
                                                 With many popular media like CBS, MSN
                                                 news and NYTimes all taking in-depth note
                                                 of this masterpiece and its background, it
                                                 is safe to say that the name Yvel has now
                                                 been etched into the sands of time for a
                                                 gem in times of the pandemic.


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