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Much has been said of the year 2020 and much more is yet to be said.
                                               This year, people around the world were forced to fight for their health,
                                               place of work and their wellbeing. As many businessmen, Orna and I
                                               found ourselves with our back against the wall. The Yvel operation had
                                               shut down, our lifetime achievement was about to crumble before our
                                               They say when the going gets tough - the tough get going. Well, we had
                                               to get tough.
                                               Using out-of-the-box thinking and pushing boundaries, we managed to
                                               sustain the Yvel operation, keep most of Yvel employees at work, and
                                               support others who are still on leave.
                                               Orna and I were not there alone. We stood with our loyal Yvel team,
                                               empowered by the support of our dear Yvel collectors and partners.
                                               Consequently, a business agenda was formed. A policy of an employee-
                                               oriented company that cherishes its most valuable asset: its people.
                                               I believe in this message with all my heart because if the pandemic has
                                               taught us anything, it’s the extent of our co-dependence. We are all
                                               connected and constantly  affected by one another.
                                               It is with great pleasure that I present you with this edition of Yvel
                                               magazine, enabling a glimpse into the world of our customers, Yvel
                                               employees and the wonderful home we call The Yvel Design Center.
                                               I am deeply grateful to all Yvel customers and employees who
                                               showed solidarity and resilience in sustaining this establishment and
                                               getting it to a safe harbor.

                                               Looking forward to what 2021 will bring and wishing us all good health
                                               Looking forward to what 2021 will bring and wishing us all good health
                                               and prosperity.
                                               and prosperity.

                                               Isaac Levy
                                               Isaac Levy
                                               Yvel President
                                                                                             On the cover:
                                                                                   Model Nicola Ward wearing
                                                                               Yvel's 18k gold diamond encrusted
                                                                                           COVID-19 mask.

                      WRITING & EDITING:                                                         2020
                      Yvel Marketing Department
                      CONTRIBUTING WRITER:
                      Daniel Remer
                      GRAPHIC DESIGN:
                      Yvel Studio                                                  A LIFETIME
                                                                                   The story of the brand and its
                      PHOTOGRAPHY:                                                 special rapport with its partners   CREATIVITY IN
                                                                                   and company’s employees.
                                                                                               PANDEMIC TIMES
                      Shay Kedem, Ori Livney,                                                  Yvel’s state-of-the-art covid19 mask
                                                                                               has made headlines around the word
                                                                                   THE YVEL WOMEN
                      Alex Perlman, Shlomi Shalom & Eitan Dror,                    Their stories, memories and style
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