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                  NEW FROM YVEL                                    ABOUT  YVEL

                  5       Creativity Meets COVID                   34      Concept to Creation
                          The story behind the world’s most valuable        The process of creation
                          COVID-19 protective face mask
                                                                   36      A Legacy of Pearls
                  12      A Lifetime Achievement                           The Moussaieff Dynasty & its legacy of pearls
                          From a small operation into a successful company
                          with a solid business agenda             44      The Yvel Design Center
                  20      New Frontiers & New Friends              48      Boutiques Around The World
                          Forming new partnerships in Persian Gulf States
                                                                   54      Megemeria
                  40      Beneficiary to Benefactor                        A philanthropic initiative for the benefit
                          A heartwarming collaboration with                of the Ethiopian community in Israel
                          The Jewish Agency Of Israel
                                                                   74      Treasures  of the Sea
                                                                           A pearl guide to Yvel’s jewelry designs
                                                                   78      A Basket Of Pearls
                                                                           The amazing story of a forgotten pearl that became
                                                                           the center of an award winning design.

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