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                  11     Ethiopia Collection
                         Its inspiration, designers and features   ON A PERSONAL NOTE
                  18     Paraiba Collection                       42     “Home Is Where Every Story Begins”
                         Prized tourmalines of neon blue to mint green        Past and present of the Yvel Design Center
                         in diligent jewelry designs
                                                                  52     The Joy of Giving
                  24     Art To Wear Collection                          A touching collaboration with Chaiyanu,
                         Wearable works of art presented at              supporting children in need of medical care
                         international art shows
                                                                  68      The Yvel Women
                  30     A Refreshing Sense of Style                     A glimpse into the world and beauty of our
                         & Organic Design                                partners and friends
                         Yvel’s Award-Winning Designs
                                                                  70      When Jane Met Steven
                  50     The Palm Beach State Of Mind                    Jane Mattson Shapiro shares a
                         Jewelry designs that comply with the spirit        heartwarming love story.
                         of the sunshine state.

                  60     Fancy Diamonds
                         Yvel’s Savannah Collection
                         of multi-color natural diamonds
                  62     Colors Speak
                         Influence your mood and looks

                  64      Treasures of the Earth
                         to Exquisite Creations
                         Unique natural resources to become
                         Yvel’s jewelry designs
                  72      Denim & Dazzle
                         Jewelry designs suiting the denim outfit
                         of any casual look

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