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As for the mask, it is likely to assume
                                                      it will not be actually worn but will
                                                      rather be displayed in art shows and
                                                      museums as a collector’s item.
                                                      The masterpiece we speak of today
                                                      did not come as a flash of inspiration
                                                      but something which has sprung as a
                                                      result of many years of hard work and
                                                      dedication to the trade.
                                                      Yvel owners and the team have
                 Yaacov Tal head of production and Demoze Asasau  learned an important lesson: The
                          examining diamond setting quality  importance of high-skill consistency
                                                      and top customer relations. Everyone
                                                      has the mindset that businesses of
                  The final mask weighs 210 ct. of  3,608   this nature all thrive because they
                  black and white diamonds and features a   have been in the business for long,
                  slot to insert disposable N99 masks. The   but they should acknowledge the
                  gentleman who bought the face mask   great importance of the human
                  requested anonymity, however, we can   aspect: both employees and clientele
                  reveal he is a Chinese billionaire from   alike.
                  Shanghai residing in Los Angeles.
                  Nowadays Yvel is home to a powerful and
                  well-equipped team simulating innovations
                  in gemstones and pearl designs with many
                  award-winning results. Yvel enjoys today a
                  long-term loyal clientele who is very much
                  connected to the brand, its values, and
                  even its employees.
                  When the pandemic struck, Levy - and a
                  wealthy businessman who was looking
                  to help the company out - went back
                  and forth on ideas for a mask that would                Isaac Levy, Founder & Master Designer
                  provide substantial profit to support Yvel’s            Challenge #1 Acting for the greater good
                  operation and employees.
                  Once its value was agreed, it took Yvel                 “As a businessman in the luxury jewelry industry, the
                  artisans five months to make the mask,                  outbreak has struck me in a soft spot. The connection
                  working many 12-hour workdays. The result               with my overseas customers was broken in a flash.
                  was a mask that weighs 270 grams, about                 However, what really broke my heart is the closing
                  the size of a grapefruit. It has a rubber               of the factory and sending my employees home for
                  tie that allows for a secure placement                  lack of orders. These kinds of situations in which you
                  around the head. And it is by far the most              can see your lifetime achievement crumble in front of
                  expensive mask in the world.                            your eyes can easily bring anyone to their knees. Still,
                  Overcoming challenges along the way, the                in business as in life, I hold a considerably pro-active
                  mission was complete and the goal was                   approach. Even in times when much greater forces
                  achieved: The mask was delivered to the                 seem to shape the world’s present- I believe there
                  customer and Yvel owners have divided                   is still room for you to make an impact, and I had to
                  the revenues of the sales between Yvel                  preserve my endeavor and protect my people.
                  employees, in a festive event on the first              Once having contacted a most loyal customer, I
                  day of Hanukkah. Needless to say, the                   managed to make a breakthrough by placing an order
                  entire event was emotional and elevating.  Isaac Levy,  of this unprecedented item which enabled me to keep
                                                  Yvel founder            the factory operating and to provide work for my
                                                  and designer            employees.”

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