Page 9 - magazine 2021
P. 9

Yuval Odeni, Chief Operation Officer
          Challenge #2 Combining utter function
          with unique Design
          “Yvel artisans have become experts in dealing with the
          issue of function vs. aesthetics in our jewelry design
          process. Still, the function aspect played a major role due
          to FDA and Euro Standard specifications.
          We started by creating a 3D computerized model
          according to human facial dimensions and designing the
          setting pattern with 3D tools. Then, we converted the
          3D model into an 18K gold casting divided into several            Yuval Odeni, Chief Operation Manager
          parts, so several artisans would be able to work on it
          simultaneously. Once the diamond setting process was
          completed, we combined all the parts into a single piece
          of a three-layer mask. Finally we hand-made the inner                                         The Yvel COVID-19
          gold "mesh" for the filter to be inserted inside.                                            face mask, well placed
          We live in a design-dominated world on one hand and                                          and packaged showing
                                                                                                      simplicity with a touch
          healthcare requirements are crucial on the other. I am                                               of class.
          proud to say we have managed to create an outstanding
          artwork without compromising on aesthetics or health

                                 Hand-made inner gold mesh

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