Accessibility Statement

Yvel strives to implement website accessibility guidelines in accordance with Accessibility Level 2 (AA) of the W3C.

Our aim is that this website will display optimally on all major web browsers.

The Accessibility Toolbar is located on the right-hand side of each page. The toolbar allows the user to:

  • To change the site’s color contrast
  • Increase and/or decrease the text size
  • Replace current font
  • Toggle to grayscale mode
  • Toggle to High Contrast mode
  • Toggle to Black and Yellow mode
  • Enable Keyboard navigation
  • Stop animations

 With keyboard navigation enabled:

  • You can navigate through a page by entering Tab.
  • To navigate back, press Shift + Tab.

Areas with limited accessibility:

This website has videos that might not include closed captioning. Also, in the shopping area, image tags contain the product number, rather than the image product description. Other images are for decorative purposes.

If you encounter any issue with the site’s accessibility, please email

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