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Isaac & Orna

Award Winning Design Collaboration

The Levy’s refreshing sense of style and organic design process has captured the attention of pearl lovers worldwide, garnering Yvel a series of impressive international awards.


In 2005, this exquisite hand-crafted brooch took top honors at the “Oscars” of the fine jewelry industry, the Town & Country Couture Design Awards, winning the Best in Pearl category.  The elegant and feminine floral pattern makes an eye-catching statement on the lapel as natural multi-colored Keshi Fresh Water pearls blossom in a setting of 18K white gold, with white diamonds that caress each petal and elongate the stem in a subtle and sophisticated curve that draws the attention of everyone in the room.

2015 Town and Country Award


This beautiful array of hues in South Sea pearls perfectly complements every woman’s complexion and brings drama and elegance to her every hand gesture.


Good things come in 3’s as the Yvel Family knows well, capturing their third Town & Country Couture Design Award in 2007 with their most exciting piece yet.  This exotic and beautiful floral brooch brings to life the Levy design duo’s fascination with Mother Nature, wistfully enhancing the allure of these wild fresh water pearls by combining them into a blossoming flower and accenting their luminosity with 18K white gold and brilliant white diamonds. This brooch began as a 9 petal flower but continued to blossom with Levy inspiration into a bold and powerful gem which will be treasured for many years to come.

2007 town-and-country award
2011 centurion award


Yvel exhibited at the Centurion Show in the U.S., marking the first appearance of new Yvel styles in the American market that year.  Many retailers were delighted by Yvel’s new collections, evening honoring Yvel with the Best in Pearl Design Award at the show. This stunning floral brooch combines very unusual shapes of Fresh Water pearls with 18K gold and cognac diamonds to create a beautifully blossoming flower.  This piece is as unique and exotic as the pearls themselves.  It draws attention and creates flair, whether it is worn on the lapel or high in the hair as part of an elegant up-do.


Another repeat performance as Yvel brought home the coveted Centurion Design Award for Best in Pearl Design for a second year in a row.  This particular design award is especially meaningful because the retailers attending the Centurion Show are the judges, who cast the final and decisive votes, making it an esteemed honor bestowed by jewelry industry peers and experts. This enchanting, winning design comprises a 26 year old Australian South Sea baroque pearl discovered by Isaac and Orna on a trip to the pearl farms in the Far East in late 2011.  Set with all natural black and white diamonds and hung as a pendant on a long black diamond lariat chain, this exotic pearl delights the eye and adorns the décolletage with old Hollywood glamour and feminine grace.  A true keepsake!

2012 awards centurion
2013 awards-centurion


The third time is the charm, as they say, and once again Yvel enjoys the exclusive honor of bringing home the Centurion Design Award for Best in Pearl Design for the third year in a row. Creating ever more beautiful designs, the Levy’s claimed the 2013 prize with this fused cluster of baroque fresh water pearls set with 18K white gold, hung as a removable pendant on a handmade 18K white gold chain accented with diamonds.  The versatility and beauty of this necklace leaves no doubt about the world leaders in pearl jewelry design – the ever talented team of Isaac and Orna Levy at Yvel.  When selecting your favorite Yvel piece, remember – you deserve award winning luster and international renown.


Yvel is presented with another winning design award for this masterful, one of a kind, piece of art. A handmade, 18K satin finish, white gold bracelet combining 21 by 23 mm. silver baroque Fresh Water Soufflé pearls set 9.85 ct. diamonds.

2014 Centurion Award

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