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Wedding day essentials bridesmaids

Photography: Idan Milman

10 Wedding Day Essentials
You Didn't Know You Need

Every bride has a to-do list for her wedding day. Dress, photographers, give-a-way gifts, music, bridesmaids, and on and on depending on the style and size of the event. But some of the truly must-have wedding day items never make it onto that list!  So while you stay focused on the important things, we have gathered the ultimate list of often forgotten wedding day necessities so your day will be hassle free!

Makeup Kit

Your make-up artist is going to be awesome and professional, but having your own makeup on hand for last minute touch ups is key. Ask your makeup artist to recommend a few basic products like lip gloss, blush, and eye pencil in shades that flatter your skin tone. Having your backup makeup nearby will help you maintain your perfect look and calm attitude throughout the night, even after your makeup team has gone home.

Wedding Day essential: Makeup Kit

Photography: Idan Milman

A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes

Your wedding day promises to be one of the happiest days of your life and also one of the longest! To avoid unnecessary suffering, we strongly recommend that you wear your wedding shoes at home in the days or weeks before the wedding in order to break them in and stretch them out a bit. And remember to bring a pretty pair of comfortable shoes, like cute ballet flats, so you can change out of your heels when your feet get tired or achy during the reception.

Wedding Day Essentials: Comfortable Shoes

Photography: Idan Milman

Chic Clothes For Your Preparation

One day after the wedding you will be flipping through your wedding album. Trust us when we say that seeing yourself wearing something chic during your pre-wedding preparations will make you happy. Forgo the sweats or yoga pants and try to find something stylish yet comfortable that makes you feel confident, put together and that will also photograph well. You are the star of the show so if you are in the mood you can defiantly get away with choosing bright colors or bold patterns.

Wedding Day Essentials: Chic Clothes

Photography: Idan Milman

Emergency Kit

It might sound a little strange but in the event that there is a last minute dress emergency, you will be so relieved to have a couple of safety pins on hand! Your kit should also include a small sewing kit complete with needles and white thread, clear band aids, bobby pins, a stain stick, Advil, deodorant, your favorite perfume, and some hair accessories that you generally use. Just knowing that you have this emergency kit nearby will make you feel instantly calmer.

Wedding Day Essentials: Emergency Kit

Photography: Idan Milman


Having your favorite tunes blasting on this special day will keep you and your bridal party in a good mood. To make wedding prep feel like a party pack some portable speakers and prepare an upbeat playlist of your favorite songs. Or better yet, ask your bridesmaids to create a fun wedding day playlist for you so you don’t have to worry about it!

Wedding Day Essentials: Music

Photography: Idan Milman

Small Camera Or Smartphone

While your photography team will snap all the big moments, it’s still a good idea to have a small camera on hand. Use it to take more casual, funny and natural pictures like selfies with your besties while getting your makeup done. Too busy to snap your own pics? Then hand your camera off to one of your bridesmaids or family members and put them in charge of capturing your happiest moments.

Wedding Day Essentials: Smartphone Camera

Photography: Idan Milman

Someone You Trust

The importance of having a trusted friend or family member near your side cannot be emphasized enough. Your mom, your sister, a cousin or a good friend will help you deal with any small issues or decisions that come up, and most importantly, will make you laugh! Just make sure to choose someone who will help to keep you calm and the mood light even when things get stressful.

Wedding Day Essentials: Someone You Trust

Photography: Idan Milman

Food & Beverages

Remember to stock up on snacks and drinks that you and your bridesmaids will enjoy, but that won’t make a mess. Arrange for or have a family member organize drinks and food like fruit, bagels, muffins, health bars or whatever else you enjoy. Look for light and nutritious choices that are easy to eat, will keep you energized, and won’t stain your clothes (no drippy sauces!).

Wedding Day Essentials: Food and Beverages

Clean Breath

Your wedding day is sure to bring lots of close encounters—your first married kiss with your groom as well as lots of congratulatory hugs and kisses from guests. Since you will be photographed the entire day, you don’t want to run the risk of getting caught with unsightly chewing gum in your mouth. We recommend using clear-colored mouthwash before the ceremony and having a stack of breath mints on hand for the reception.

Wedding Day Essentials: Clean Breath


Your wedding day can be planned far in advanced with all the smallest details tended to. But if you can expect one thing on your wedding day it’s the unexpected! It definitely can’t hurt to stash a spare set of underwear and bra in your bag, just in case.

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