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Cover Photoshoot with Ania Bukstein

One On One With Ania Bukstein

Ania Bukstein was born in Moscow and immigrated to Israel at the age of eight.
She worked hard and is now amongst Israel’s top actresses and singers.
We met her on set while shooting a new magazine cover.

These days it becomes harder to catch Ania Bukstein the Israeli singer and actress who has just joined HBO’s series ‘Game of Thrones‘. While she is not performing or acting she is on set for photoshoots. This year she become a fashion icon. With a minimalist yet sexy, simple and feminine look, Bukstein had made it to the top. “I believe that style should come naturally and not from a forced effort, I believe in being myself”.

Her personal style has changed during the last three years. She doesn’t feel the urge to uncover, and buys in a  less impulsive way. Bukstein pays attention to quality fabrics and flattering cuts. To pick the right outfit for each event, performance or photoshoots she first chooses the color and then thinks of a flattering cut. She adores the Olsen twins and gets inspired by them. As a petite women Bukstein is obsessed with heels, especially stilettos. “It’s unbelievable how stilettos can make you feel confident”… But when she’s on the run you can always catch her with a pair of ‘Allstars’.

For this photoshoot cover Ania wears Yvel emerald and pearl jewelry.
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