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Get To Know The Designer Orna Levy

Orna Levy

With Isaac by my side dreams become reality

Orna was born and raised in Israel. Her family, the renowned Moussaieff jewelry family, has been importing pearls into Israel since 1888. Orna fondly recalls growing up playing with pearls. She learned to string pearls at an early age and would often string pearl bracelets as gifts for her girlfriends.
The family legacy tells the story that Orna learned how to string pearls before she learned how to walk!
Pearls are intricately woven into the fabric of her DNA.

Orna Levy was born and raised in Jerusalem, the youngest daughter of Chana from the famous Moussueff family. Orna’s mother owned a jewelry store situated in the luxurious King David Hotel. Orna grew up surrounded with beautiful jewelry. After serving in the Israeli Air Force, she met and fell in love with a dashing young Israeli of Argentinian decent. Isaac Levy proposed to Orna and she and her fiancé began to plan a life together. They were married on November 4th, 1984 and joined their talent and their monies to start a new business. The last thing on Orna’s mind was to join the pearl industry or follow in her family’s footsteps. But one fine day, shortly after the newlyweds returned from honeymoon, Orna taught Isaac how to string pearls while lounging on their bed. Isaac became intrigued and instantly began to challenge the norm to make innovative strands of pearls. With Orna’s technical expertise and Isaac’s courage to follow his own unique aesthetic, the Yvel dream was born. Together they have won an impressive number of pearl design awards over the years.

Along the way, Orna became the proud mother of their own two beautiful pearls – her daughter Chen and her son Aviv. Her favorite memories are of the birth of her two children. Orna now manages and runs the new Yvel Design Center in Jerusalem, hosting tours and special celebrity clientele, while Isaac tours the world at personal appearances, trade shows and special events in the various countries where Yvel is sold. Orna looks after the entire Yvel family, in Israel and abroad, bringing her unique maternal affection and her precise pearl expertise to everything she does. She is the real gem behind the internationally renowned Yvel brand.

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