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Yvel Creations


A new Yvel piece of art is created in total darkness, in an inner world where imagination and creativity meet.

For over three decades, our artisans have been fashioning 18K gold, pearls, diamonds and precious stones into exquisite wearable works of art using age-old techniques that are the hallmark of fine jewelry design and manufacturing.

The art of designing jewelry is inspired by many emotions. Throughout history jewelry creations have been known as a means to express commitment & loyalty, commemorate lost loved ones, celebrate life achievements and glorify the beauty of gems. In these days of mass production, model makers and master jewelers are rare.

We at Yvel believe that each creation is a master piece and deserve to be taken care of only by skilled jewelers. Using tools that are manually controlled we transform gold and gemstones into wearable works of art. Each piece of jewelry is born from the inspiration of our designers. Like any great work of art, the journey of creation varies from piece to piece.

Each design is a song written from the heart. Some are created in just a few hours while others take a few years to bring from the realm of our imagination to reality. We invite you to join us and explore our jewelry making process combining traditional techniques like wax carving, soldering, welding, crafting, gem setting and polishing among new ones like CAD jewelry design and lasers.

At Yvel, each piece of jewelry begins with a gemstone or pearl. The pearls are carefully selected at pearl auctions in the Far East by Yvel owners and top designer Isaac Levy. “When I take a rare pearl in my hand and look at it closely, and know that I am the first one to hold her in my hands. These are my true moments of inspiration… When you find that pearl, your mind starts rolling what kind of a piece of jewelry you could create with it and who is the woman that will be wearing it”. (Isaac Levy).
Gold and diamonds will then be fashioned around the pearl, as an extension of it, to create a continuous and fluid one of a kind design.

Wax Carving

Wax model makers transform a simple block of wax into a spectacular jewelry model that will later be casted in plaster and gold. The wax is heated until it becomes liquid and then is molded mostly around the gemstone. Using only hand tools like blades and files the wax artisan can shave and carve the wax until the desired shape of the wax takes form.

The wax carving is then imbedded in a metal mold which will be filled with plaster and left to harden. The mold containing the hardened plaster is heated in an oven at extreme temperatures to burn away any wax traces. If the artisan is satisfied with the results of the plaster model, it will be transformed into a gold model in the course of the jewelry casting process.

Gold Casting

The plaster model which has been completed in the wax carving process will now be casted with gold. Since the time that man discovered the ability to melt metals, jewelry artisans have been pouring molten gold into molds shaped in stone and plaster. This process varies respectively by the gold components and purity. Each has a different temperature cycles and processes that are unique to the metal component alloy. The casted gold model will be soldered and welded and later on will be set with a gemstone.


Welding Jewelry is a stage where metal of equal property is fused to each other with extreme temperature applied to an accurate area in order to create a durable and wearable piece of jewelry. Welding is done primarily by torch. Once the pieces are assembled and welded, the artisan will clean up any telltale signs of the welding, using hand held tools and bathing the item in acid to remove any fire scale on the metal. The next steps will be soldering (if needed), stone setting and a jewelry polishing station to become glistening treasures.


Almost every piece of fine gold jewelry we make is soldered due to its complex and unique designs. Using a smaller and thinner torch, soldering is a process which allows the artisan to gently attach smaller gold segments in order to create a durable & beautiful piece of art. Accuracy and steady hands are a must when using tweezers, while heating it to the molten point without melting or damaging the areas to which it will be bonded.

Diamond & Gemstone Setting

As one of the last stages of the jewelry making process, we tend to take it for granted that all of our jewelry twinkle and sparkle and all gems and diamonds magically stay in their position. Stone setters are confronted with the challenge of securing diamonds and gemstones in the least invasive way, by using the minimum amount of necessary materials to secure the gem in place, yet providing maximum durability


Polishing is the last thing we do before we hand it to our quality control experts. Rotary wheels and soft muslin are the gentle tools that will enhance the gold luster. Once the desired polish is achieved textures and other finishes like our satin finish gold can be applied to enhance the design and their uniqueness.

New Technology

During the past years the jewelry world has undergone a substantial technological revolution introducing innovative 3D graphic computer programs. The advanced CAD (computer & design) program enables jewelry professionals to design and customize each piece of jewelry on the computer. The design can be rotated and examined from every angle and then printed by a state of the art 3D printer, to produce a perfect wax model which will then continue to be casted with gold, welded and set with gemstones.

We at Yvel believe in providing work places for our talented craftsmen and craftswomen. Advanced technology is therefore integrated in the design process together with the more traditional and personal touch.

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