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Dive into the wonderful world of pearls

Yvel is a luxury jewelry brand recognized worldwide for its distinctive creations featuring nature’s most treasured resources.
Yvel’s refreshing sense of style and organic designs have captured the attention of pearl lovers worldwide, garnering Yvel a series of impressive international awards.

Stop in for a guided tour and visit the factory where Yvel’s master artisans create one of a kind jewelry while witnessing the unique combination of quality Israeli creation and social-impact investments.

Visit Our Wine Cellar

Discover Your Favorite Israeli Wine by Tasting wines from the extraordinary cellar selection from the heart of the Judean hills.


Dive into the world of pearls in a unique experience exploring the pearl formation and the jewelry making process of Yvel and megemeria creations.

The Megemeria School

Visit the Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art, a philanthropic jewelry school dedicated to the Ethiopian population immigrants in Israel.v

Jewelry Making factory

An overview of the jewelry manufacturing process: diamond setting, goldsmiths, product development, pearl stringing, quality control.


Opening Hours During Passover:
Sunday – Thursday – 9AM – 4:30PM
Friday – by appointment only


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