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Warming Tones


Through this collection Yvel honors the treasures created by nature, stunning natural gems from the heart of the earth, artistically embellished by the human hand.

Yvel founders, Orna and Isaac Levy wanted to design a collection of jewelry that would beautify a woman while she celebrates the most special occasions in her life. With timeless glamour not limited to any specific generation, it could be treasured by a woman at any moment in her life. It was this thought that brought about the creation of The Savannah Collection. Crafted in 18k white, yellow or rose gold, and set with brilliant cut white and natural colored diamonds, these treasures are absolutely timeless.


To source the precious stones for this collection, Yvel gemologists traveled to Africa and Asia in search of the finest specimens. It then took close to ten months for Orna and Isaac to individually choose the diamonds destined for the Savannah Collection. The rich diversity of color in these stones have been an intriguing source of fascination since the dawn of time, and evoke the landscapes, sounds, and fragrances of their country of origin. The lush greens of South America, the champagne-cognac shades of Africa and the clear whites of Asia, can be found within them.

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