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How to choose your wedding day manicure?

Wedding Day Manicure

Photography: Idan Milman

How to choose your wedding day manicure

Wedding dress? Check! Shoes? Check! Makeup artist? Check! What about your nails? Although you are planning your big day well ahead, some brides intent to forget to choose and plan their manicure look and appointment. Here are a few tips for getting a chic, stylish and awesome bridal manicure.

Trial Run

Just like you would go for a trial with your hair and makeup styles, we definitely recommend a trail run for your nail style. This will give you the opportunity to discover which nail polish or gel color flatters your skin tone, what lengths will be the most comfortable for you, and what type of shape fits you.

Consider Gel Over Regular Nail Polish

The last thing you want to do the day before your wedding is worry about getting your manicure done. We recommend you considering gel manicure to avoid any chips or smudges. Another great reason having a gel manicure is that it’ll last at least two weeks after your wedding day maybe for your honeymoon vacation. We recommend Opi “funny bunny” gel color.

Photo: opi

Season inspiration

The time of the year and the flowers of the season could inspire you in getting a colorful manicure. As a bride you could either keep it classy with natural white, beige, cream and sheer colors or you could reach for one of the deeper shades like the red Dior Cosmopolite for fall. ($27 | Sephora)

Photo: sephora

Emergency Kit

A smart and wise step would be arming yourself with a nail emergency kit. In it, keep a cuticle clipper, a nail file, your nail polish color and a hand cream.
Read more about our emergency kit in this post.

Photo: sephora


Don’t forget your toes! No matter if you are wearing closed pointed shoes, pumps or flats, and even if your dress is long enough to hide your toes, you should definitely get them done as well. You can never expect the unexpected.

Photography: Idan Milman

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