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Best Independent Design Award

In a groundbreaking move, Yvel won the Best Independent Designer Award for its innovative COVID-19 mask design at The Middle East Jewellery & Watches Award.


Centurion Design Award

2017's ‘Best in Pearls’ went to Yvel for a striking bracelet crafted with rare natural Keshi pearls and diamonds, dazzling in 18k white gold.


Centurion Design Award

Yvel's fourth consecutive Centurion win showcased a satin-finish bracelet with freshwater silver soufflé pearls and diamonds, a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Centurion Design Award

Yvel's third consecutive year, Yvel enjoys the honor of Centurion Award for ‘Best in Pearl Design’, featuring a baroque freshwater pearl necklace set in 18k white gold, solidifying its standing as world’s leader in pearl jewelry design.


Centurion Design Award

For the second year running, the 2012 Centurion Design Award for 'Best in Pearl Design' celebrated Yvel’s unique pendant, 26-year-old Australian South Sea pearl, set with black and white diamonds.


Centurion Design Award

Marking their first American appearance, Yvel's new 2011 designs debuted winning 'Best in Pearl Design' with a unique floral brooch featuring freshwater pearls and cognac diamonds, set in 18k gold.


Town & Country Couture Design Award

Third-time winner Yvel captivated with an exotic floral brooch of wild freshwater pearls, accentuated with 18k white gold and brilliant white diamonds, reflecting Yvel’s nature-inspired creativity.


Town & Country Couture Design Award

2006 saw Yvel win again with a stunning bracelet, blending saltwater Keshi pearls and natural colored diamonds, set in 18k gold, bringing elegance to every hand gesture.


Town & Country Couture Design Award

Yvel’s 2005 'Best in Pearls' award-winning brooch combined natural multi-colored freshwater Keshi pearls and diamonds in 18k white gold, showcasing elegant and feminine floral craftsmanship.

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