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Megemeria School

In 2010, Orna and Isaac Levy established the Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art, as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the Ethiopian community. This life-changing initiative provides Ethiopian immigrants with professional training and employment opportunities in jewelry making and essential life skills. Deeply rooted in the Levys' commitment to social responsibility, Megemeria has become more than a school; it's a thriving community where students gain financial independence and proudly integrate into society. Named 'Genesis in Amharic, it symbolizes a fresh start, celebrating each new beginning and step towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Crafting a Better World

Community Commitment

A non-profit dedicated to helping immigrants shape their careers in Israel.

Fair Opportunity

All artists are paid a fair wage ensuring independence to proudly provide for their families.

Future Forward

Every purchase directly funds the project, nurturing current students and future artists.

Megameria Craft Center

Step into the heart of Ethiopian heritage at the Megemeria Craft Center. This unique space offers visitors an authentic glimpse into an Ethiopian village, similar to those Megemeria’s students have left behind. Indulge your senses in their cultural tapestry through music, scents, and visuals, and discover traditional art and jewelry, crafted by Megemeria students and local artists. Partake in the vibrant Ethiopian coffee ceremony – a celebration that symbolizes friendship and hospitality.


The Megemeria jewelry collections, influenced by personal stories of love, courage, and cultural pride, fuse tradition with modernity, and meaning with beauty. By choosing Megemeria, you become part of a story of change.

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